On Mondays, starting September 11, you can pick up an entry at Player Services beginning at 10 a.m.  You must earn 25 points on each day of the promotion Monday to qualify. The first 100 people to receive promotion tickets will be guaranteed a spot on the board. Other guests who have earned 25 points will receive an alternate promotion ticket that will be placed into the Dice Drum. From 5-6 p.m. on Mondays, you will take your official entry to the Fun Squad at the gridiron board located in the promotions area next to the Player Services. You will select an open square and have the Fun Squad place the entry on the grid. Once an entry is placed on the grid, it cannot be changed. In the event there are empty squares, names will be drawn from the alternate barrel.

Once the board is filled before the Monday night game, the grid will be numbered 0-9, both vertically and horizontally. The Fun Squad will draw a number for each space until all 10 numbers for each side are filled. After each quarter of the football game, we will use the last digit of the score to determine the winning square. Home team will be placed on the top of the grid and away team on the side. Example: Rams 14 (Home Team) and Bears 27 (Away Team). On the grid it would be 4 down and 7 across. Participants must be present to collect winnings.

Please note that you will have four (4) minutes to reach the Player Services to claim your prize. If the player called does not show, that prize money will be added to the final “End of Game” giveaway. If the winning player does not show at the end of the game to claim their prize, all names from the Gridiron Board will be taken down and placed into the Dice Drum. Player Services will draw one name from the drum to win the End of Game prize money.